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Summer 2015

Semester runs from Saturday, June 15, through Saturday, July 25, 2015
Dates of individual classes may vary.

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Beginning Memoir: Making It Happen
Instructor: Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

Have you always wanted to write a memoir but weren't’ sure how to get started? Have you started and then quit, not knowing quite where to go.? In this workshop, we will help you define the specific memoir you want to write, it’s major themes and essential plot. You will develop parameters for the piece including the beginning, climax and end. Participants will write five double-spaced pages per week and then share them with the group. By the end of this eight week session, you will have the keystones in place to successfully launch a book– length manuscript.
|Thursdays| 6/18 -7-23| 12 noon - 1:30 p.m.|Private Residence, 801 Hunters Lane, Oreland PA 19075| $130|

Memoir : Continuing the Process
Instructor: Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

Have you begun your memoir using the Musehouse methodology, but need to continue workshopping it in order to sustain your energy and inspiration? This is the workshop for you. Come, join our nurturing and invigorating circle of writers as we continue to tell our most important life stories.
Section A|Fridays | 6/ 19 - 7/24| 12 noon - 1:30 p.m.| Private Residence,801 Hunters Lane, Oreland, PA 19075| $130 |
Section B|Thursdays| 6/18 - 7/23| 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.| Private Residence, 801 Hunters Lane, Oreland PA 19075 | $130|

The Self and Place in Poetry
Instructor: Leonard Gontarek

This course is designed to accommodate poets at all levels of accomplishment. The ABC's of poetry (assonance, blank verse, caesura) will be addressed as well as the basics: What is a good beginning, ending, and title for a poem and how should a poem look on the page? Contemporary American and international poets from A.R. Ammons to Adam Zagajewski will be discussed. Narrative, persona, political, lyric and confessional poetry (among others) will be covered. You will learn to identify your strengths, trust them, and employ them in your work. You will be guided to build more accurate and textured poems. There will be weekly assignments.
|Tuesdays|6/16-7/21|11:30 - 1:00 p.m.|Private Residence, 10 Drum Moir Lane, Chestnut Hill 19118|$130|

Advanced Poetry
Instructor: Grant Clauser

This master poet's circle is for advanced poets who have had some work published. Emphasis each week is on workshopping poems, naming both strengths and possibilities for revision. Discussions of theory and close readings of contemporary poets will be included. This is a fun and rigorous circle. Please email your bio and sample work if you have not been in this class before. Prior approval of Musehouse Director is required for entry.
|Mondays|6/15 - 7/20/15| 7 pm. - 8:30 p.m| Church of St Martin's In the Field (Hilary House) 8000 St. Martin's Lane, Chestnut Hill 19118 |$130|

Memoir in Poetry: Personal Snapshots
Instructor: Amy Small McKinney

The stories of our lives are made up of moments, important ones, compelling ones, pleasureable ones, hopeful ones, tragic ones, etc. In this class you will recall these moments or personal snapshots and use them to write poems. This is a great class for beginner's who face that age-old dilemma: I want to write poetry, but I don't know what to write about. Or, Can I really write about this? The instructor is highly experienced and known for her warmth and generosity with students.
|Mondays| 6/15, 6/22,6/29, and 7/6/2015 (4 sessions total)| 12 noon - 1:30 p.m|Church of St Martin's in the Field (Hilary House), 8000 St. Martin's Lane, Chestnut Hill 19118 | $90|

Revision: The Writer's Best Friend
A Workshop in Polishing the Personal Essay or Creative Non- Fiction

Instructor: Lesley Valdes

Go gently with your drafts; treat them as patients: as if you were a good doctor doing hospital rounds. They will surprise you; help you help yourself. Revision is the craft of patience and usually of deletion. It can be as satisfying as raking the leaves on an autumn day. As frustrating as seeing them go up in a burst of wind. Without it, your manuscript can not live. Bring a near completed essay or piece of non-fiction to workshop, no longer than five double-spaced pages to polish and revise.
Thursdays| 7/16, 23, & 30 and 8/27/15| 2 - 3:00 p.m.| 1935 S Alder Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148| $90|

Fiction Manuscript Consultation
Consultant: Hilary Plum

Get the individual attention you need for your novel or story collection. First, you will send your manuscript to your consultant and the two of you will have a phone conference for half an hour to discuss your project and its aims and challenges. Then, she will read your manuscript, and in a second, hour-long meeting, provide you with an analysis packet containing a short description of your work, and individualized feedback on such elements as structure, pace, character, the role of the narrator, style, syntax, paragraphing and more. Your consultant will closely line edit 10 -15 pages of your manuscript to help guide and inspire future revision. In addition, she will recommend next steps (literary magazines, publishers) that best suit your work.
NOTE NEW PRICE!! $650 (Compare our rate to comparable services!)
Date and time to be arranged with instructor.

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